Katie is flawless

Katie is the best photoshopper ever. She is talented and she is totally awesome. You guys must follow her and give a hug to her. Because she deserves good things. I love her so much. And do not hate her, she doesn't DESERVE hate.



Katie is following me! I love you girl

katieisflawless - Interview&Stories Part One

-Who is Katie for you?

Katie, piecesintoplaces and truthbeforethelies. Actually, i know her about 3 months and it’s a short time to know someone and love someone so much. But when someone is so amazing, nice, funny, patient -and i can’t describe her with words- there’s no reason to hate.

-Why do you love her?

Uhm, actually I am a photoshopper, for 3 years. I saw a lot of photoshopper, and I love their art but when I saw Katie… you know, she is amazing, talented, awesome and I can’t believe. She is so cute and kind. But this is one of reasons i love her. There’s more reasons. But I can’t describe how much and why I love her.

-How do you know Katie?

I saw her url on a blogroll. I’m happy for I saw her url. Anyway, uhm, I go to her blog and when I saw that art, I can’t believe and I shamed myself. I downloaded her Katie packs. And I follow her.

And the questions are over but the story isn’t over. 

See you later, part two is coming soon! 

Keep follow Katie!

And Katie if you are read this, you should know how much i love you.